Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park in the Houston area is a special and unique place that offers so much to visitors. Located along the banks of Buffalo Bayou, the 160-acre park is an urban oasis filled with beautiful scenery, recreational activities, and plenty of attractions.

It was designed by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership and was opened to the public in 2015. Since then, it has been a popular destination for visitors looking to explore the beauty and history of the area.

Scenic Trails

The park includes two miles of scenic trails: the Terry Hershey Trail and the Promenade Trail.

  • Terry Hershey Trail. This trail winds along the banks of Buffalo Bayou and offers beautiful water views. It is a paved, two-mile loop perfect for walking, running, and biking.
  • The Promenade Trail. This runs along the north side of Buffalo Bayou near Shepherd Drive. It is also two miles long but has a natural trail with uneven terrain, making it great for hiking and nature walks.

Kayak Launches

The park also features two kayak launches where visitors can rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore Buffalo Bayou at their own pace. You can rent the equipment onsite or bring your own to launch from these spots.


The park is teeming with wildlife. In addition to the fish and turtles living in the water, you can find different species of birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. Even deer can be spotted if you're lucky.


For those interested in the history of Houston, Buffalo Bayou Park also offers several historical sites that tell the story of this area. You can take a self-guided tour to learn more about the Cisterns, built during World War II as part of Houston's water supply system. Or check out Allen's Landing, the original port for Houston, which was named after the city's founder.


The park also hosts various events throughout the year, from outdoor movies to concerts to festivals. You can enjoy these activities while taking in the stunning views of Buffalo Bayou. Some of the most popular events include the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Houston Arts Festival, and Paddlepalooza.

Check their calendar of events to see what's coming up.


In addition, you can find plenty of amenities at Buffalo Bayou Park, such as restrooms, picnic areas, playgrounds, dog parks, and more. This means that you don't need to leave the park to get everything you need for a great day out.

Buffalo Bayou Park is truly a special place in Houston and offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a peaceful getaway, an adventure on the water, or a fun-filled evening under the stars – this park has it all.